Omega Asbestos Consulting

Dean has partnered with us for a number of years now; firstly with my main business and taking its once primitive looking website to its fantastic version it is today; which we keep improving.

Following on from the website, we have gone on to develop our ‘Omega Vault’ which is our on-line asbestos records management system. The “off the shelf” products were expensive and not entirely fit for our purpose so with Dean, we have developed our own innovative system which our clients find very useful and helps us differentiate from our competitors.

Dean has also assisted us with designing logo’s for new parts of the business; we have launched two new parts of the business, both of which Dean has produced great new logo’s and websites, all being very affordable.

Dean is a very likeable, down to earth guy who will partner with you to provide solutions for you which keep growing with your business needs.

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